Isma Monfort Vialcanet (1981)

Barcelona-based documentary photographer and videographer with a unique anthropological point of view reflected on his stories and images. He has been published in several newspapers and magazines, featured in exhibitions, and worked with major Spanish TV Stations as a camaraperson and news video editor.

He was born and raised in Barcelona, where he has studied ‘Film and Image’ and later founded a media production company. His stories take place mostly in the United States, but he has also worked in countries like Vietnam, Mexico or Russia.

Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park - Isma Monfort


2018 – Coordination of ‘I ♥ La Mina’ collective exhibition for ‘DOCfield 2018’ (Documentary Photography Festival of Barcelona) with pictures by Ester Molera, Carol Rodríguez and Isma Monfort.

2018 – Publishing of ‘Chaos in the Valley’  and solo exhibition at Bostik cultural center in Barcelona, a story about the Demolition Derbies at the Shenandoah Valley (Virginia, USA).

2016/2017 – Employed as a cameraperson and news video editor at the Washington DC bureau of Television of Catalonia (TV3), the # 1 news network in the region.

2016 – Presence at ‘Cohabitar Entre-’ exhibition at ‘Fabra i Coats Centre d’Art Contemporani’ with images from the ‘Des De La Mina (.net)’ story.

2015 – Some small communities in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, have no access to the major cell phone networks. An independent organization helps the small towns to install their own equipment using ‘Open Source Software’ to connect them to the world. The story was featured at ARA’s Sunday magazine (a major newspaper in Barcelona) and at the ‘Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya’ magazine.

2014/2015 – ‘The Church of Cat Spring’, a story about the church and its members in a small unincorporated town in rural Texas. The pictures of the farms and the town inspired an article at ARA’s Sunday magazine (a major newspaper in Barcelona) about living in a town where a church is the only public space to gather.

2014 – ‘Special Olympics Catalunya 2014’ coverage, generating press images for the organization to illustrate the competition in Barcelona. The photographies were used for several newspapers and websites.

2014 – A weekly contribution on travel during the summer season in RAC1, the most listened radio station in Catalonia.

2014 – ‘The Reunification Express’. A story of the famous railroad connecting Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) with Hanoi, in Vietnam. 1700 kilometers that unites the north with the south of the country, once divided by the war. The story was featured at ARA’s Sunday magazine (a major newspaper in Barcelona), and presented in a solo exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia.

2011/2012 – One year reporting about the US presidential campaign for (a major newspaper from Spain) traveling by car across the 50 States.

2006/2011 – Employed as a cameraperson and news video editor at ‘La Sexta Noticias’ Barcelona bureau.

2003/2006 – Founder of Anou Audiovisuals, a vídeo and multimedia production company in Barcelona, with a wide range of  video/photo/TV projects.

2000/2002 – ‘Film and Image’ studies at EMAV school in Barcelona.


‘Rural Texas’ at ARA’s Sunday magazine (Spain).

‘Oaxaca Community Cell Phone Networks’ at ‘ARA’ and ‘Col·legi de Periodistes’ magazines (Spain).

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Metascopios magazine (Mexico).

‘The Reunification Express’ at ARA’s Sunday magazine (Spain).