Isma Monfort Vialcanet (1981)

Self-taught independent documentary photographer from Barcelona. He studied videography and has many years of experience working in TV News.

He approaches subjects without artificiality or dramatization. Isma chooses his projects based off of his personal interests, always looking for interesting stories to explore. When possible he dedicates long periods of time to his projects, preferring to immerse himself in the experience he is capturing.

Some of his projects include a year long trip visit to each of the 50 states in the US, a month on the Reunification Express in Vietnam, and many collaborations with NGOs around the world. His pictures have been on exhibit and published several occasions, including a solo exhibition in Belgrade and a collaboration with the Sunday magazine of a major newspaper in Barcelona.

He is currently living in Washington, DC. Some limited edition prints of his pictures may be available to purchase if contacted by email (imonfort [at], or by phone (+1 720 449 1024).

Aig├╝estortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park - Isma Monfort